About Protroleum Technologies Inc

Protroleum is an engineering consulting company specializing in steady state and transient pipeline hydraulic simulations. We also develop in-house equation of state (EOS) software package for fluid PVT simulation and fluid phase behavior analyses.


Our expertise includes pipeline hydraulics and flow assurance, transient pressure surge analysis, multiphase flow, pipeline blowdown analysis, petroleum fluid characterization, EOS simulation, enhanced oil recovery and numerical software design and development.


– Steady state and transient hydraulic analysis
– Pressure surge analysis for piping and pipeline system
– Pipeline decompression/blowdown simulation
– Petroleum fluid characterization
– PVT analysis and EOS simulation


ProtroSys is our equation of state (EOS) software package for analyzing and evaluating reservoir fluid phase behaviors, miscibility evaluation of petroleum fluids, and designing and monitoring of gas injection projects etc.