Software Product – Features


ProtroSys is a Windows® based program with superior graphical user interfaces. You will find it easy to use, informative and fully interactive. Main features include:

  • Project Wizard: This feature will guide one through steps of creating a new project file. The procedure works step by step and is easy enough even the first time users will be able to use this software and perform an equation of state simulation.
  • Visual Construction of an EOS Project: You can select the modules from toolbar and drop to the worksheet. The logical calculation sequence can be easily defined by selecting the stream, and drawing a line between modules. All modules and streams can be edited and modified by visual action through mouse or keyboard.
  • Interactivity: This is a multithreaded program. You can interactively edit modules during EOS simulations. As soon as you finish editing, the calculation can be performed automatically. If the output view is open, the result is automatically updated.
  • Fully Customizable Variable Unit: All variable unit used in this software can be customized based on users’ preference. If any unit is not included in the internal collection, it can be added to the project. You can pre-create multiple sets of unit and use it for different purpose in just clicks away. You can also select any related unit during data input.
  • Customizable Screen Popup Tip Display: You can quickly view a module/stream tip display by moving mouse over the object. You can even select those variables you want to check frequently to show in the tip display.
  • Graph Package: A comprehensive graphing package for most data is implemented for each module.
  • Customizable Output: You can customize variables you want to see in the output result for all modules. There are numerous thermo-physical properties calculated in the program including density, viscosity, interfacial tension, compressibility factor, molecular weight, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacities, heating value, thermal conductivity, isothermal compressibility, adiabatic compressibility, thermal expansion coefficient, Joule-Thompson coefficient, sonic velocity and upper/lower flammable limit.
  • Message Windows: There are three message windows – Status, Error and Warning. All messages during the software simulation are posted to these tabbed windows for you to examine thing occurred during the simulation.
  • Print/Preview: You can setup print page format and preview the worksheet or result output before sending to printer.
  • Undo/Redo: You can undo/redo all the editing on the worksheet objects right to the beginning of the project.
  • Drag and Drop: Worksheet objects (module/stream) can be drag and drop, and moving around within the project, or across project when you have more than one project open in the program. Copy/paste works the same way across the project. This provides the convenience to reuse previous project files.
  • Auto-save/Recovery: All working projects are automatically saved to temporary files at a certain time interval that you can set.
  • Animation: Animation can be seen on the program caption and on the calculating modules during the simulation of each module within the project. This provides visual notification in terms of the program working sequence. Of course, you can disable these animations as you wish.
  • Module/Stream Object Search: You can search through the whole project file for an object name. This is useful when you have a large project and the module/stream are positioned in multiple pages of the worksheet view.
  • Fully Customizable Toolbars and Menus: All toolbar buttons and menu items can be changed if you choose to do so.
  • Remember the Last Project and Window Positions: The last open project can be setup to be loaded automatically when starting up this software. The main window placement and the last child window placement can be restored when starting up this software.
  • Zoom and Pan: The worksheet can be zoomed with various options. It can also be panned or automatically panned if you have a wheel mouse.
  • Context Sensitive Help Ready: The program is context sensitive help ready when the related help file authoring is finished.
  • Tip of the Day: The tip of the day is included and you are allowed to add your own tip entries if you want to do so.

Please go ahead and experience these sophisticated features of this software. If you have some great ideas and suggestions that you would like to share with us to improve this software, we will be more than happy to consider them. Thank you in advance from ProtroSys team.